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Jungle Hunting 2018 - 3D


I'm sure you have played different hunting games or jungle games, but this game is different from all of them and you will enjoy this game a lot. Hunting is not a easy thing in real life and specially in the jungle (forest) among wild animals who can kill you with a single attempt but in this game you can fight with that wild animals as well. In this 3D Jungle Hunting Game, Hunter has to hunt the Deer, keep safe from Bear attack and Tiger attack.
** Features **
- Elegant Jungle Environment for Hunting
- Attractive textures and realistic wild animal
- 12 levels with different complexity
- Hunt 3 wild animals, Deer, Bear and Tiger
- Zoom to close the aim to animal with Sniper gun
- Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle
- Sniper Shooting Hunt
- Pause / Resume the level
- Hunting among wild animals
** Help / How to Play **
- Tap on play button to start the 3D Jungle Hunting Game
- Choice the Level to enter the Jungle Environment
- Read the Level Instructions carefully and Tap on Begin
- Navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone
- Find the animal, Target and Shoot it
- Use Zoom button to close the aim to animal
Note: This is fully free game with advertisement.

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